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Voice Coaching and the Voice

The voice is a powerful, expressive instrument that can convey a huge range of emotions and qualities such as credibility, motivation, dynamism, empathy, enthusiasm and trust. Ideally, the voice projects a positive image of ourselves - our personality, beliefs, character and integrity. It conveys our personal power. The voice by changes of tone and pitch, can convey authority and decisiveness, compassion and vision.

When functioning naturally the voice communicates effortlessly, in the moment, in a way that is appropriate and effective. It engages an audience - whether we are addressing one person in a small room or one thousand people in a lecture hall. However, the voice can be blocked by a range of factors including posture, tension and limiting beliefs. Too often habitual patterns of behaviour undermine the impact or rapport we are seeking.

Pace, pause, projection and pitch

Much voice work focuses on the release of tensions that impede natural, effective communication. Pace, pause, projection and pitch are important factors in conveying more of ourselves. A comitted voice is a huge advantage in all situations; helping to get your message across in the way that you want.

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