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Excite and Engage in Finance, Engineering, IT and Fintech

Are you failing to communicate your expertise across the organisation?

Do you fail to get the buy-in to implement ideas you know are pure gold?

Do people just sit and stare at you in silence and you wonder what’s gone wrong?

You excel professionally. You have an incredibly successful career. However, when it comes to communicating to senior people outside of your area of expertise you may find that your recommendations aren’t taken up, your proposals aren’t implemented and you aren’t getting the respect that you feel you rightly deserve.

Why is that?

Do you find:

  • You don’t know if you’re successfully getting your message across.
  • The lack of engagement from your audience’s frustrating and stressful
  • People don’t engage and then you find yourself rambling.
  • You think your voice is monotone and boring

I’ve worked with many brilliant people from finance, IT, engineering and Fintech over the years. They came to me all equally perplexed.

You may have received coaching and training to improve how you communicate. But have you really got to the bottom of the problem? Have you analysed your default way of communicating?

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What would it be like to have a solid set of skills so you can effortlessly engage and influence your senior leadership team and key stakeholders?

In my coaching package ‘Excite and Engage’ we’ll look at the language you use by default, your voice, your body language, the clarity of your outcomes and who you are intending to influence

The issue is clearly not your expertise nor your ability as a senior leader. The problem is how you communicate that expertise to a certain group of people.

We’ll break down what you say and how you say it. We’ll look at what your key audiences need to hear from you. We’ll tailor your language to an audience that doesn’t understand at the depth you do and employ a range of devices that enable them to see and hear the brilliance of what you’re saying.

How do C-suite individuals like to receive information and what motivates them to say ‘Yes’?

You will develop a way of speaking where:

  • You come across as credible and people will understand your message 100%.
  • Senior leadership and key stakeholders will want to follow your recommendations because they trust and respect you.
  • People will come up to you after you’ve spoken and say how interesting it was.
  • You’ll leave meetings feeling confident and an expert.

Once you begin to look at how you prefer to communicate, you’ll be able to include the styles, language and preferences of other people. You’ll be able to choose what will best hook your audience and how to employ specific techniques that will compel them to ask questions and to really want to know more. Facts and figures don't have to be boring.

Think of what it will be like to sit in front of the board and be able to influence them calmly and without struggle. You’ll use language that influences them rather than pushes them away.

You’ll sound energised, enthusiastic and credible and you’ll know how to work a group and the individuals that make up that group. You’ll leave feeling confident and knowing you have been understood and respected.

“You really spoke well today. You seemed to reach everyone and engage with them even though it was all about IT!”

IT Services Director

Next Steps

Before working with clients I recommend a 30 minute consultation on zoom to discuss how this type of coaching can work for you. I then draw up a detailed proposal of your learning outcomes, your journey to get to your goals and the time frame involved. I then present this back to you in another zoom call. There's no fee for this process and no obligation to continue.

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