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Voice Coach, Communication Coaching & Media Training : UK and London

Presence, Credibility and a Voice with Impact

Transform your voice and communication skills: voice and communication coaching in person or on a virtual platform.

  • Do you want your presence, impact and communication to match your expertise and experience?
  • Do you want to develop a voice that people listen to?
  • Do you need to deal with challenge?
  • Do you need to get your message across and thrive in media encounters?
  • Are you a professional who needs to lead, influence and inspire?
  • Do you want to embody your own authentic style of leadership that is effective, dynamic and gets results?

For more details about what it's like working with Louise please download this pdf (128kb).

Following my work with Louise, I now feel much more confident presenting internally and externally. People have commented about my new found ‘poise’ – this in turn has improved my confidence further. Many thanks for your help.

I would absolutely recommend Louise to anyone. Even the most effective communicators would benefit from her techniques.

Communication Coaching for Leaders

This is a transformational course of leadership communication. You will develop presence, personal impact and unwavering credibility so that your expertise and experience is reflected in your words and actions. 

This 'Leadership Communication'  coaching package allows you to integrate and embody your own personal brand of leadership that is authentic and empowering.

Voice and Communication Coaching

If you come from a technical or financial background the very skills that enabled you to succeed could now be limiting your communication as a senior leader. If you need to influence across your organisation and step into your power this programme is for you.

The 'Excite and Engage' coaching package combines the power of voice with the subtley of language so people see the value and vision of your ideas.

The Professional Voice: Working with a Voice Coach

Does your voice lack vocal impact?  Do people listen when you speak? Is your voice standing up to the demands of your job?  Can you lead and influence in front of large audiences? 

This coaching package is for people who rely on their voices professionally - broadcasters, barristers, sales people and those people giving presentations and interviews in front of large audiences. 

 'The Professional Voice' will give you a a voice that allows you to fulfill the vocal demands of your job. You'll access effortless vocal power, work on any vocal blocks standing in your way and have a voice that reflects your professional intentions. 

Voice Coaching and Media Training

Louise works with experienced journalists and media trainers to bring a bespoke package of media training - whether you want one to one coaching or in house training.

We provide a unique and highly effective approach to our media training packages that combines skillful messaging while using the voice, body language and presence to maximise impact.  

What is a voice coach?

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Here you’ll find information on all aspects of voice coaching and communication coaching. I’ll discuss how voice coaching can help you professionally, what a voice coaching session’s like and how voice coaching and what it can achieve are often the vital ingredient that’s missing from your professional training.

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