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Client Testimonials - Communication and Voice Coaching

But don't just take my word for it.....

When I set out looking for a voice coach, I was looking for someone who would help me develop my voice so I could start learning how to project it across a room. Beng very attracted to storytelling, I also wanted to learn how to speak from the gut rather than the shallows of my upper chest, to talk with emotion rather than from my head.

Louise did all that for me, and more. She made me discover how my voice was an integral part of my body, my posture, my breathing. How my state of mind influences my jaw muscles, not just on the day but in my life in general.

Louise brings an amazing energy to her coaching. She will be physically demonstrating what it is she means, and accompanying you every step of the way in your discovery. She has an infectious way of communicating her enthusiasm for the subject. Her fine ear misses nothing and Louise will gradually make you hear things you never heard before. Until one day you hear your voice vibrating with an unmistakable energy.
Business coach

Following my work with Louise, I now feel much more confident presenting internally and externally. People have commented about my new found ‘poise’ – this in turn has improved my confidence further. Many thanks for your help.
Executive at a financial services company.

I would absolutely recommend Louise to anyone. Even the most effective communicators would benefit from her techniques.
Executive at a bank

I wish all trainers were like Louise.
Executive at an information technology company.

Louise was sensitive to the needs of the group, Knowing where to encourage and cajole and when to give space.
Executive at information technology company

Thank you again for a superb training session. I had a lot of fun and found it enormously helpful.
Executive at a bank

I went into the training convinced that I wouldn’t enjoy it and that I was not a suitable representative to ever be put in front of the media. By the end of the day, I had done a complete turnaround. It was enjoyable, useful and interesting. The mix of classroom learning with practical exercises was just right. I would recommend this training to anyone.
A Senior Manager

Surprisingly enjoyable. Very informative. Session was well-paced and good format, and the trainers were the right balance of challenging and supportive. It has given me sufficient confidence that I want to explore further, I never thought that would be the outcome!
A Senior Manager

I remember the first time I met Louise because I was very nervous! She put me at ease straight away - her voice coaching method is amazing and gets to the core of how to be more confident in yourself and your abilities - she certainly knows how to bring the best out in you! What I found particularly helpful was increasing the energy in my voice by working on my intonation and speaking from my diaphragm which made my voice deeper and louder.
Client needing to give a speech to a large audience