Voice and Communication Coach, London

Media Training

Together with In Focus Media we provide the following media training packages:

Working with Alison Rooper of In Focus Media we provide a complete package of media training designed to help organisations and individuals get the most from media encounters

Alison is a television executive with over 25 years experience working for major broadcasters. She coaches chief executives and directors of companies and organisations in their media message, presentation skills and interview techniques

Together Louise and Alison offer a unique and highly effective approach to media training: combining practice in handling questions from journalists - on and off screen - with Louise’s in depth experience of developing the voice, body language and presence to maximise impact.

Course are individually tailored to meet clients’ needs - whether for print, radio, the internet or television.

Modules can include:

  • Identifying key messages
  • How to maximise your impact on screen
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Creating credibility
  • On-camera interviews
  • Dealing with nerves and pressure
  • Using the right language

I went into the training convinced that I wouldn’t enjoy it and that I was not a suitable representative to ever be put in front of the media.  By the end of the day, I had done a complete turnaround.  It was enjoyable, useful and interesting.  The mix of classroom learning with practical exercises was just right. I would recommend this training to anyone.
A Senior Manager

Surprisingly enjoyable. Very informative. Session was well-paced and good format, and the trainers were the right balance of challenging and supportive. It has given me sufficient confidence that I want to explore further.  I never thought that would be the outcome!
 A Senior  Manager