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Leadership Communication

If you’re a senior professional, you're a leader.

Your expertise isn't in question but would you like to be able to inspire people too?

Do you feel that:

  • You lack that effortless, self-empowered confidence to lead.
  • Your presence lacks dynamism and credibility.
  • Your voice doesn’t have enough energy and authority.

Imagine how it would feel to stand up and win over your audience so they believe in you and what you say.

The common belief is that you're born with the qualities of leadership. Consequently, it's thought that you can’t learn to be confident, credible and powerful, particularly at senior level where you're repeatedly challenged. However, I’ve seen time and again that presence and confidence are a set of skills that can be learned, then expressed and finally integrated.

I have many years of experience working with senior professionals. Together we develop your voice, presence, confidence, resilience and communication styles. The result is that when you talk to individuals, groups or large audiences, you are the very best, authentic version of yourself.

One main characteristic of being a confident and charismatic leader, is being able to talk to anyone across your organisation. How you relate to people will have an enormous impact on how they respond to you and what you want to achieve as a leader.

Do you find yourself fitting into one of these three categories?

  • You're comfortable working with people at your own senior level but are less competent at influencing downwards.You find it hard to get buy-in from heads of departments and consequently find it difficult to implement your ideas across the organisation.
  • You're comfortable influencing downwards but are less competent at executive level. You find it hard to leverage at board level where vital descisions are made and you can easily be side-lined by key descision makers.
  • You can do both of the above but to a limited extent. You pull back from challenging and creating sufficient impact to drive through what you want. You're inclined to seek an environment of comfort rather than sit with the discomfort of making some people unhappy.

You might have received a lot of executive coaching that's cerebrally based and talks to the mind. However, to develop your presence, your voice, confidence and communication, we have to look at the body, breath, voice, posture and language. We start from a physical perspective and in time your new behaviours will become second naure and integrate with who you are.

These are the building blocks that allow you to develop a commanding presence and a resilience that allows you to:

  • Step up to the next level.
  • Stand in for your boss without self-doubt or stress.
  • Give a presentation with a minimal preparation time and still come across with easy self-confidence and charisma.
  • Inspire and motivate at the same time as direct and meet outcomes.
  • Talk with genuine expertise and empathy and so get the co-operation and buy-in of your colleagues.

As a voice coach I've spent many years developing the mind/body connection of communication for the business and media worlds. Those same clients also found this approach worked and got them results.

My Leadership Communication coaching package would work for you if you want:

  • Executive presence and confidence that is innate and effortless.
  • A voice that people naturally notice and want to listen to.
  • Communication styles to successfully connect with any personality type in your organisation.
  • The resilience to be able to improvise in the moment in unprepared situations.
  • Have an authentic credibility that allows you to negotiate C-suite dynamics.
  • The ability to inspire and influence across your organisation.

“I don’t know what’s different about you but you are connecting with the audience and your voice is reaching people.”

This is how one CEO described his CFO after he'd worked with me for a few months. The CEO couldn’t put his finger on what had changed with my client but he could also see people were responding to him in a way they never had before. This was especially so at large presentations in front of the entire company which my client had previously dreaded. My client was showing up as a leader and people were taking note, including his CEO.

Next Steps

Before working with clients I recommend a 30 minute consultation on zoom to discuss how this type of coaching can work for you. I then draw up a detailed proposal of your learning outcomes, your journey to get to your goals and the time frame involved. I then present this back to you in another zoom call. There's no fee for this process and no obligation to continue.

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