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The Professional Voice

As a barrister, broadcaster, or senior leaders your voice is crucial.

When you’re talking throughout the day, particularly in pressurised, outcome driven environments, your voice can become tired and strained. If your voice isn't working at its best you risk losing your professional credibility.

Have you noticed that:

  • Your voice tires or becomes strained.
  • People can’t hear you.
  • Your voice doesn't carry the gravitas you'd like.
  • Your voice doesn't represent the seniority of your role.

The irony is that it’s in pressurised situations, where you need your message to come across with authority, that you’re most likely to find your voice isn’t working as you want.

If your voice is strained this is what can happen:

  • People speak over you.
  • You’re routinely interrupted.
  • You're asked to repeat yourself.
  • Your voice doesn’t have the strength to hold attention.
  • You aren’t coming across as credibly as you know you are.

If you have already tried to compensate for a weak voice by speaking louder, you’ll know this can make matters worse. Your voice may sound higher, you may strain your throat more and you might even end up with no voice at all.

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Trying to solve a weak voice by pushing the voice harder doesn’t work. Yet this is the natural thing to do as being heard is so vital to your profession.

What would it be like to know that you can always depend on your voice in every important situation?

You want to know that in every professional context you’ll be heard – whether you’re leading an important meeting, talking in court or a giving a large presentation. This is possible.

I've worked with many senior professional over the years who have solved their vocal issues and developed voices that match their expertise and role. On my coaching package ‘The Confident Voice’ you’ll learn how to speak easily and without effort. Through this work my clients have transformed voices that have been weak, strained and even in some cases seriously impaired.

You’ll be able to:

  • Release the tension and blocks in your voice.
  • Be heard by everyone in the room.
  • Troubleshoot your specific vocal issues.
  • Convey your expertise.
  • Reply to challenge.
  • Use your voice expressively.
  • Hold the attention of an audience.

Together we work on the breath, posture and voice in a structured and manageable way. This is a physical process that requires a mind/body connection.

Once your voice is working in the right way, you go on to develop a voice that effectively represents who you are and what you want to say.

Imagine what it would feel like to know that when you speak not only can you rely on your voice to be there but that it's an effective, credible and powerful representation of who you are.

Your voice allows you to own your professional position and is a vital tool you rely on every time you communicate.

This coaching package will also give you a voice:

  • That easily fulfils the demands of your job.
  • That feels authentically yours.
  • That when you speak people listen.
  • That can command attention and respect.
  • That has credibility and clarity.
  • That has a measured pace and consistent, organic pauses.
  • That effortlessly reaches everyone in the room.
  • That enables you to effectively achieve your professional outcomes.

Click here to get more information on my coaching package 'The Professional Voice'.

As a trained voice coach I’ve spent many years adapting some of the vocal and physical training of actors to the world of business and the media. I’ve worked with the voices of numerous high calibre professionals. Not only have they solved their vocal issues, they’ve developed voices that authenticlly represent who they are. They've been able to successfully navigate presentations in front of large audiences and hold the attention of their audience for every minute they’re speaking.

Voice work can seem left-field to some of my clients because it deals with the physical aspects of posture breath, the body and language. However, your voice is a result of your anatomy, physiology and psychology. Any vocal issue requires a physical solution. The physical approach of voice work can also result in a psychological shift. This work is transformative.

“My voice hasn’t gone back to how it was before I lost it, it’s much, much better!”

One barrister I worked with used his voice for seven hours a day in cases that were highly combative. His voice grew weaker until on occasion it was hardly audible. After working together he regained his voice. Further, he developed a stronger, deeper, more credible voice that truly represents the consummate professional he is.

Next Steps

Before working with clients I recommend a 30 minute consultation on zoom to discuss how this type of coaching can work for you. I then draw up a detailed proposal of your learning outcomes, your journey to get to your goals and the time frame involved. I then present this back to you in another zoom call. There's no fee for this process and no obligation to continue.

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