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Coaching and Training Programmes for Senior Women

Much has been said and promised about promoting more women to leadership positions in British industry and yet the latest figures show that women account for under 20 per cent of board directorships in the FTSE 250; with most of these appointments being to non-executive roles. Although progress has undoubtedly been made, many women face undefinable obstacles to being seen as the right “material” for leadership appointments.

The latest research into the barriers to diversity show that there is still an unconscious bias and stereotype around what “leadership” looks and sounds like – one that is mainly defined by the male experience. The result of this unconscious bias is a lack of confidence that a woman has what it takes for the top job. Countless British companies are consequently missing out on some of the best talent in the country.

Women tend to be reluctant about self- promotion, highlighting their expertise in a way that can be misunderstood. For example in job interviews they often downplay the story of their own success. Women may also avoid conflict and instead prefer to seek harmony – which may or may not be the best choice in the moment – something which can also appear as weakness.

We believe that women can be given important communication tools to enable them to overcome these hurdles and build their profiles within the work place. Women can be as effective and successful as men but they may not always seem this way to their male colleagues.

We provide coaching aimed at women at the top of their game in the public and private sector - industry and corporate - who are ready to move up to board level positions.

Participants will learn the skills and the language needed to maximise their authority, increase their profile and confidence and harness their personal and positional power.

Drawing on the latest research into women’s behavioural preferences, this programme provides insight and practical experience in building credibility, resilience and dynamism. This will include techniques for communicating inspirational as well as difficult messages, dealing with the media, with direct reports and with colleagues.

This is a bespoke, client focussed programme, tailored to clients' specific needs. It combines structured coaching, group interaction, on-camera interviews and goal setting. We also look at current theories and research around sociolinguistics, group dynamics and success strategies.

In one to one coaching participants focus on areas they feel are a block to visible leadership skills. This is a chance to move beyond language to concentrate on the voice, physicality and psychology in order to give the best of you in any given scenario.

We offers companies, organisations and individuals a unique training/coaching package to promote effective communication. Our approach is based on our knowledge of today’s business and media worlds and our expertise in the psychology and practice of communication


  • You as a leader
  • Creating Credibility
  • Language Preferences
  • How to influence and build relationships
  • Logic or inspiration
  • Handling the media: Techniques and practice in answering questions and getting your key messages across
  • Managing your state
  • Voice skills
  • How to handle recruitment interviews – practice and feedback
  • Dealing and utilising conflict


Participants can expect to enhance the following skills:

  • Awareness of how to use your voice, language, body and gesture to display natural authority.
  • Ability to read the body language of a senior audience and to influence their decisions
  • Ability to use language patterns to influence different personality types.
  • Ability to be both logical and inspirational, using language, vocal tone and the body to impress and inspire.
  • Representing your organization in the media - whether to communicate a positive message or to manage a crisis.
  • Understanding how groups work and how to lead them
  • Understanding the role conflict can play in the work place and learn techniques for managing it.

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