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What is Executive Communication Coaching?

News Posted: 27 January 2022

Executive communication coaching comes in many forms. The subject itself is broad and the types of coaching you find depends on the training and biases of that particular coach. Bearing in mind the scope and breadth of the subject, executive communication coaching can fall into three distinct styles. Each style overlaps and coaches, depending on their background and training, use a combination of one or more styles.

My definition of executive communication coaching:

Executive communication coaching is the process of helping executives at senior level and C-Suite improve their communication skills in a way that is effortlessly impactful, charismatic and influential.

The Different Types of Executive Communication Coaching

1. Mind-set change communication coaching

There are those executive communication coaches who rely heavily on mind-set change. They may use coaching methodologies originally from the world of positive psychology and therapy that have been developed for the coaching world. This way of works primarily with the mind, helping to build up your sense of self and your confidence. You may work on dismantling your limiting beliefs and the emotional blocks that stand in your way of communicating with greater self-assurance.

2.Behavioural feedback - Communication Coaching

This executive communication coaching focuses more on changing behaviours. You’ll be given you feedback on how you’re coming across and how you can be more impactful. If you’re constantly ‘umming’’ at the beginning of your sentences your coach will feed this back to you and you’ll monitor yourself in order to prevent it happening. Eventually your effortswill result in a dramatic decrease in ‘umms’ generally and a more positive impression in your delivery.

3. Executive Communication with Voice Coaching

These are communication coaches who have a background in voice coaching and the intricacies of how the voice works. They’ll work much more with the breath, body and voice as a tool of communication. A communication/voice coach will also tell you that you’re speaking too quickly but they will then help you change your breathing pattern which has ultimately been responsible for your rapid pace.

This communication coaching integrates behaviours that the body would employ were it functioning optimally. In the above example of talking too quickly, you’ll make physiological changes to your breathing pattern and hence your vocal pace, this will allow you time to mentally construct more precise language and in turn you will feel calmer as your breathing will be slowing your heart beat and you’ll be managing your emotional state.

What kind of executive communication coaching do I do?

I fall into this last category. However, like most executive communication coaches my methods overlap with the other methods I’ve listed above. I also work with mind-set but my focus is on acquiring and integrating physical skills.

What can I expect working with an executive communication/voice coach?

As I’ve mentioned this kind of coaching is highly physical. If you’re a cerebral individual who is comfortable working with the mind you may have already had mindset communication coaching or even behavioural feedback coaching. However, working physically unlocks massive potential in creating presence, personal impact, gravitas and the ability to hold your own at senior level. This communication coaching will transform how you come across by engaging the correct use of your body and your voice.

Why would you need executive communication coaching?

People come to me for all sorts of reasons. They usually have a list of things they want to improve. Here are some of the reason you might want coaching:

  • You have to talk to the board and get them to approve a budget to extend a long-running project. In the past you haven’t succeeded in getting buy-in and you don’t know why.

  • You spoke to a national newspaper and what you said and what‘s been printed are not the same thing. This has created a huge issue for your company and you’re responsible.

  • As COO you sometimes have to step in for your CEO. He/she seems to have an effortless way of talking to people across the entire organisation. You don’t have the same charisma and you don’t know how to get it.

  • You’re a barrister who specialises in financial law. You can spend seven hours a day in court representing your international, corporate clients. Your environment is aggressively confrontational and your voice gets weaker through the day so you don’t sound or look as credible as you need.

  • You have to talk to the Board and you have to talk to your teams. For the former you need unflinching authority, precise, concise and benefit-driven messaging; for the latter you need to motivate, inspire and create a functioning group dynamic and a vision that people want to work towards to fulfil.

  • If you think you’ll benefit from this kind of executive communication coaching, contact me here for a chat on zoom and to receive a proposal outlining your objectives, the path we’d take to get there and to ask any questions you have
  • You have an extremely important proposal that you are presenting on a virtual platform to senior management and your C-suite globally. You have to get buy in and need to communicate effectively across cultures. However, you find making a positive impression and creating a positive group dynamic on a virtual platform challenging and stressful.

What other areas of executive communication coaching do I cover?

As an executive communication coach I provide solutions to the following questions:

  • When you walk into the boardroom do you embody gravitas and authority?
  • Do you have a voice people want to listen to?
  • Can you lead a meeting, get everyone there to contribute, shut up the constant talkers and come to a consensus?
  • Can you be a senior spokesperson during media encounters, reaching your public and giving the journalist what he wants?
  • Can you own your role in front of the Executive, get them to talk, influence them, deal with challenge and leave looking calm and in control?
  • Can you stand in front of your organisation without slides, with out a podium, without artifice and engage your entire organisation as your authentic self?
  • Can you get people to fulfil a potential they didn’t know they had with the power of your words?
  • Are you a consummate professional in front of the camera – whether that’s on a virtual platform or being recorded?

Is Executive communication coaching right for you?

Executive communication coaching would help you if:

  • You want to work on your voice as a tool of communication.
  • You’re already established in your field of expertise.
  • You’re already fulfilling your potential at senior level.
  • You’ve already done training courses and/or received coaching to move forward professionally.
  • You want to work in a way that’s different to how you’ve worked before.
  • You want to embrace working from a physical and vocal perspective.
  • You’re prepared to practice between sessions.
  • You don’t mind moving out of your comfort zone.
  • You want a successful and effective way of communicating that is always there for you. It depends on neither your mind-set nor what side of the bed you get out of in the morning.

Executive communication coaching isn’t right for you if:

  • You want a cerebral, intellectual or purely psychological solution to your communication issues.
  • You aren’t comfortable with or don’t want to become comfortable with breath work and vocal, postural and movement exercises.
  • You don’t want to practise between sessions.
  • You aren’t prepared to go out of your comfort zone.
  • You don’t want to up your game and your visibility as a senior leader.
  • You don’t want a successful and effective way of working that depends on neither your mind-set nor what side of the bed you got out of in the morning.

What will you get out of executive communication coaching?

Executive communication coaching will give you advanced communication skills which can be applied to a wide range of situations – from presentations to meetings whether in person or on a virtual platform. This type of executive communication coaching will massively increase your presence and power as a communicator. You’ll learn how to influence different personalities at any level of your organisation. With commitment and practice you’ll embody these skills in a way that’s authentic and comfortable. You’ll be the best version of yourself and able to make a professional impact when it matters. Most of all, you’ll look, sound and feel like someone who exudes the quality of leadership, your own unique version of leadership, that enables you to fulfil your professional potential.

Next Steps:

If you think this kind of executive communication coaching is for you:

Before working with clients I recommend a 30 minute consultation on zoom to discuss how this type of coaching can work for you. I then draw up a detailed proposal of your learning outcomes, your journey to get to your goals and the time frame involved. I then present this back to you in another zoom call. There is no fee for this process and no obligation to continue.

Put your name and email address here and I’ll get back to you.

Author Posted by: Louise Collins.

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